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A lot has been going on!!

Welcome to TKTrainer , its great to have you here. A lot has been going on since we last chatted.

In 2023 I completed my Neuro Change Practitioner Certification, redid my Pilates Certification and also upgraded to the latest Personal Training Qualification. I even enrolled in a well respected Life Coaching Course and have developed a fantastic 12- week private coaching program using the latest in mind sciences, neuroplasticity, biochemistry, all sprinkled with a good old dose of common sense..

Hey wait you say ? You are a Personal Trainer ? Well yes but I want to be able to take a really holistic approach to training people. And a lot of us, by the time we are 40+, have had some carnage go on at some stage in our lives that is following us like chaff trail behind a fighter jet . And it can be hard to really focus on ourselves when we are working and have family.

So with some clients - I can achieve transformational results through really good content that is constantly updated by the Neuro Change Institute. Other clients just want a fantastic scheduled program in the APP they can follow on their own time. And I also have a limited number of live training sessions in my home town. Nutrition is so important I spent hours researching a brand to align with and chose the number one protein shake in the world.

From a business perspective - does that look fractured? Maybe on paper. But from a delivery perspective not so much as I put all programs in my APP and with face to face clients I am there beside, coaching and helping & recording reps and weights. Some face to face clients have a live session weekly and use the APP for 2 other sessions. Some clients are all online and have weekly coaching calls.

And some clients I know not to enrol in an exercise training program unitl we have done 12 weeks of deep seated mindset coaching so there is no set up for failure.

Some clients simply order the nutrition Ultimate Program and maintain their exercise routine ( or can not exercise) and have massive success

So its a bit like being an electrician, every house is different and needs a different approach. But the process is the same, diagnose, be honest about delivery & expectations, deliver, and support and follow up.

All I can do, is be the best version of me, so I can help you, be who you want to be too.

Love and blessings, TK

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